Scorsese Says All His Future Movies Will Be 3-D


LAS VEGAS - Martin Scorsese says he has become so enamored with 3-D filmmaking that he expects to use the technology in all his future projects.

Scorsese told a crowd of theater owners at the CinemaCon convention in Las Vegas on Wednesday that he wishes his landmark films "Raging Bull" and "Taxi Driver" had been three-dimensional.

Scorsese spoke at a filmmaking panel alongside director Ang Lee, who won an Oscar in 2006 for "Brokeback Mountain."

Scorsese and Lee are among a growing group of prominent directors who claim 3-D technology is the future of filmmaking.

Scorsese says 3-D films transport fans into another world, allowing them to feel a stronger connection to the story and actors on screen.

Scorsese's first 3-D movie, "Hugo," won several technical Oscars at this year's Academy Awards.

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