New Batman Flick Screened for Studio Suits

The first cut of the new Batman film is complete and has been screened for studio executives, sources told The Hollywood Reporter.

The higher-ups at Warner Bros. got their first look at "The Dark Knight Rises" Friday and will be polishing it up prior to its July release in the midst of the summer blockbuster season.

The latest installment in the Batman franchise has a tough act to follow, THR said. The 2008 "Dark Knight" grossed $1 billion.

The Reporter said director Chris Nolan has been spending a lot of time on the Warner Bros lot completing the editing process and is working on fine-tuning the highly anticipated movie in consultation with top-tier execs.

The newspaper said it was likely Nolan would journey south to San Diego this summer to pitch the film at the annual Comic-Con convention, which takes place a week before the premier.

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