Preview: Action-Focused MMO 'Skyforge' Comes to PlayStation 4


It's odd that it has taken "Skyforge" so long to come to the PlayStation 4. The free-to-play MMO seems perfect for the console.

With its quick-moving characters, it's more action-oriented than other titles in the genre. Players create a character and enter Aelion, a planet that seems to be eternally at the center of conflicts. It's a world that has been invaded several times, and because of this, there are several different art styles associated with the game. The visuals are diverse with a strong "steam punk" and fantasy influence. The character design is a half-step above what you'd expect from a free-to-play MMO such as "MapleStory."

Skyforge - Announcement Trailer | PS4 by PlayStation

As far as the story goes, the player's avatar appears to be another grunt defending Aelion. During a vicious attack, the hero is overrun and apparently killed. That's what the enemies expect, but miraculously, the avatar arises and turns out to be an Immortal warrior, one of the guardians created by Aeli, the protector of the planet. That's how the developers Allod Team and Obsidian Entertainment explain the player-created avatars, who can't perish.

All players in the MMO are Immortal warriors who initially fall within 14 classes. Despite choosing an archetype, players shouldn't feel tied to that. "Skyforge" lets them switch back and forth between classes as long as they're not in combat. This gives them the freedom to explore what the game has to offer.

Michael Van Dijk, head of PR for, said that one of the challenges that the team had to address is the DualShock 4 controller. It's different from the keyboard and mouse that the game was built for, but somehow, the team managed to make "Skyforge" feel like an action-RPG rather than dawdling MMO with long cooldown times. Players can run around, jump with the X button and button mash with the square and triangle buttons. The game automatically goes into different powers and move sets as the players chain together attacks. It's a more elegant way of handling multiple special attacks and moves. It doesn't involve the jiu-jitsu of mashing attacks together with R1 and R2 button creating different move sets.

This week, "Skyforge" is launching an Early Access campaign on the PlayStation 4. Players can pick up an early adopter pack starting at $14.99. The game will officially release on April 11. ___

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