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We all do it. While waiting through that loading screen online or talking games with friends at your local watering hole, sooner or later you land on that classic conversation of what sequel or series you are dying to play.

You know, the one “they just have to bring back!”

While there are certainly a lot of great games on the horizon, I tend to get my hopes up about a number of notable games I wish were in production – unreasonably so in some cases, but I do it nonetheless.

Top on my list is Metroid. I don’t mean some stupid Team Ninja slaughtering of all I hold sacred about the series; I mean a real-deal 2D classic forged in Kyoto by the master designers at Nintendo. I’m talking first class all the way. Nintendo is welcome to make a follow-up to Prime after that, but I’d love to see the publisher knock a gorgeous 2D Metroid out of the park first.

Next on my list is Red Dead Redemption. I’m torn about whether I want a true sequel or a new tale with a new cast of characters. Push comes to shove, I think I would prefer to see what Rockstar could do with a blank canvas while sticking to the gritty, open-world Western formula.

And finally (because lists are best when kept to three entries), I can’t help but beg for the next entry in the Elder Scrolls series. Skyrim was breathtaking, and I get a little giddy when I think about what Todd Howard and the crew at Bethesda Studios will do once they return to that fabled franchise. Every time they show me a game, I walk away in awe, and I expect nothing less from their next entry (which could be a ways off if Fallout is the next title from the team, but that would be pretty awesome, too).


Andy McNamara

Editor-in-Chief,Game Informer

Andy McNamara is editor-in-chief of Game Informer. Follow Andy on Twitter @GI_AndyMc.

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