Nintendo Releases New ‘Mario,' ‘Zelda' Games


While Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One have been grabbing all of the video-game headlines lately, Nintendo has been quietly minding its own business. That may have changed Friday, when the Big N released three games in its huge "Mario" and "Zelda" franchises for its newest systems.

"Super Mario 3D World" ($60) could be just what the flagging Wii U console needs for a holiday boost. The latest game in the long-running "Super Mario Bros." series allows as many as four people to play at the same time.

For its handheld 3DS system, Nintendo has "The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds" ($40). The new adventure, a follow-up to 1992's "A Link to the Past" for the old Super NES console, finds hero Link discovering a mysterious power that lets him travel between two worlds.

Also out Friday is "Mario Party: Island Tour" ($40), the first 3DS game in the fun multiplayer series. The game uses the handheld's built-in microphone and AR Card accessories to enhance the virtual board-game experience. As many as four people can play together on separate 3DS and 2DS systems using only one copy of the game.

Sure, the timing could have been better for this power trio -- hitting stores on the release day of the Xbox One? -- but any news is good news for Nintendo fans.

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