Xbox Gets Pizza Delivery App

Microsoft's pushing the boundaries of technology again, this time with an Xbox 360 application that lets people order a pizza without even picking up a telephone.

The console's new Pizza Hut app works with the Kinect motion sensor, so people can wave their hands and talk to the TV to specify their pizza and have it delivered without getting up from the couch.

This may compensate for calories lost when using the Kinect to play motion games and run exercise programs on the console.

The Xbox 360 already provides a sort of online shopping mall where people can buy digital games, music and movies.

But this is the first time people will be able to order a physical product from the Xbox, Microsoft noted in its announcement. That sounds like a hint that more shopping and product delivery services are coming to the console, broadening its capabilities.

It's not the first pairing of pizza and gaming, though. Past promotion include a 2009 partnership between Sony and Papa John's that let people order pies through the PlayStation 3 browser. In 2011, Dominos released the "Pizza Hero" social game for Apple's iPad.

Microsoft launched the Pizza Hut app at its Redmond, Wash., campus Tuesday with a shindig including an appearance by Master Chief from the "Halo" franchise, plus a Halo Warthog Jeep.

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