'Planes' Game Released Exclusively for Nintendo


Nintendo will be the exclusive gaming platform for a videogame tie-in with the upcoming film "Planes."

According to a press release Wednesday, Disney said the game will be exclusive for Wii and Wii U consoles, as well as 3DS and DS handheld devices. The video game will be released on August 6, and the film will land in U.S. theaters on Aug. 9.

In the game, users will play as one of the 10 characters in the console version or one of six in the handheld versions. Single-player is one option on both game types, of course, but the console version also will allow two-player drop-in, drop-out game play so that users can race against one another.

Various modes of play, such as a story mode and a skill-based scoring mode, will add to the game's variety of play features.

The game is rated "E" for Everyone by the ESRB. More info is available here.

The film "Planes" is one that inhabits a world much like Disney's "Cars." The 3D flick features the voice of Dane Cook in the main-character role of "Dusty Crophopper," a crop-dusting plane with high-flying dreams of reaching greater heights and adventures. Unfortunately, he has a fear of heights, though.

The film also features the voices of Stacy Keach, Teri Hatcher, John Cleese, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Brad Garrett, Cedric the Entertainer, Anthony Edwards and Val Kilmer.

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