Game Review: Devil May Cry HD Collection



Microsoft Xbox 360 (PS3)


ESRB rating: Mature

Review rating: 4 stars

Capcom raised the bar for action games with the over-the-top "Devil May Cry" series, and now Dante's killer adventures have been upgraded to play on modern consoles in the "Devil May Cry HD Collection." That's right, action fans, for less than the price of a new game, promising blood-letters can play the first three games with improved visuals and also earn achievements and trophies!

Get ready for the phrase, "Wow, that was cool" to become your own personal mantra as you decimate countless enemies in a graceful dance of death! Dante the demon slayer is tough as nails, and his deadly skills are only matched by his super cool style! Mixing up attacks not only looks awesome, but also earns additional tokens that are used to upgrade Dante's abilities.

"Devil May Cry" is the series' debut, and the Gothic architecture mixed with powerful supernatural weapons and freakish enemies simply oozes with style. This game mixes cool combat with puzzle elements and light platforming, and it is still fun to play more than 10 years after its creation.

Just like "The Matrix 3" movie, "Devil May Cry 2" is the episode every fan wants to forget. Why, you may ask? Well, this game disappoints at almost every level, from sluggish combat to enemies so weak they seem to fall over dead if Dante looks at them wrong. This game also lets players take on the role of either Lucia or Dante, but Lucia's moves are no match for the demon slayer!

"Devil May Cry 3" is the most enjoyable game in the trilogy, because of the slick combat, responsive controls, and the ability to choose between four styles that each feature unique abilities. For the first time in the series, players can also switch between weapons during combat, which leads to some outrageous combos.

Thankfully, the "Devil May Cry HD Collection" stays faithful to the series while also giving players vastly improved visuals at a great bargain.

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