'COPS' Is Back

Cops on Fox
Courtesy of Fox Nation

“COPS,” one of the longest-running shows in American history, is back and you can watch new episodes from seasons 32 and 33 exclusively on Fox Nation.

The program, which popularized the reggae song “Bad Boys” by Inner Circle, has produced over 1,100 episodes since it first aired on the Fox Network in May 1989. Each episode of “COPS” follows real police officers and sheriffs’ deputies on patrol, as they answer calls, conduct raids and serve warrants. 

“COPS” still goes coast to coast and rides along with the men and women of law enforcement, capturing the wide range of unpredictable situations and colorful characters that they face on the job every day.

Exclusive to Fox Nation, Season 33 began streaming on Fox Nation on October 1, 2021, and new episodes are released on the platform every Friday through December 3rd.

The services also includes 15 episodes from Season 32, but is not new or exclusive to Fox Nation.

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