Book Review: The Newlywed Cookbook


"The Newlywed Cookbook"

(Chronicle Books, $35)

By Sarah Copeland


Till forks do us part ...

The cookbook to launch 1,000 meals. And a long-term lease on wedded bliss.

What it is: This cookery book might not shove "Joy of Cooking," or one of the other tried-and-true wedding-shower must-haves, off the newlywed bookshelf, but Sarah Copeland's newest, "The Newlywed Cookbook," deserves a shot at that coveted real estate.

At its heart a paean to kitchen romance, this 301-page tome does double duty as a solid pathfinder for anyone - married or otherwise - who's aiming to get real good food on the table, morning, noon or night. Copeland, a Food Network veteran, knows her way around the kitchen, the garden and any farmers market. From stocking the pantry to how to pull off a crack-your-own crab feast, and a host of meals in between, there is plenty to savor in these pages - and, if you're so inclined, in that candlelit nook in your kitchen.

Praise and quibbles: It took serious work to get us past the over-the-top romancin' that drips from these pages. (Like this passage: "There's a moment in a marriage ... where you're standing side by side in the morning barefoot on the cool kitchen floor. Everything is quiet but the hum of him making you coffee just the way you like it. ... You're stirring together his favorite pancakes ... then it hits you: these simple moments are somehow the best in life." Really?) But move beyond we did.

And stripped of all that goo, this lusciously photographed book is delicious indeed.

Why you'll like it: Copeland does, in fact, have a knack for making life picture-book beautiful. And her smarts rub off. If you subscribe to the notion that life's richest moments often unfold at the table - whether it's just the two of you, or you're all alone, or amid a noisy crowd - this book will take you by the hand and serve up heapin' helpings.

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