SYSTEM UPDATE: 'Final Fantasy VII' Headed to Nintendo Switch

"Final Fantasy VII" is coming to the Nintendo Switch. (Nintendo)

Among Japanese role-playing games (and perhaps PlayStation One games in general), there's not a title more storied than "Final Fantasy VII." The tale of Cloud vs. Sephiroth in a world of Materia and Chocobos and the Shinra remains memorable for anyone who played through it.

It was first released in 1997. And over the last 22 years, it's reappeared in several forms, getting ported to the PC, and landing on last year's PlayStation One Classic. And it's so good that Square is giving it the full-remake treatment, with a massive remake project on the horizon.

But before all that, we're going to get to experience "Final Fantasy VII" on perhaps the perfect console, the Nintendo Switch. A 30-second Nintendo commercial spot earlier this week led off with a man on an airplane playing (yes!) "Final Fantasy VII."

No release date was given, although the commercial indicated it's coming "soon." And that news couldn't be much better.

Why? Because "Final Fantasy VII" is a perfect Nintendo Switch game. There's a magic to a turn-based role-player on the Switch, because you can easily pull the game out and analyze where you are, what your situation is, before making your next move. The "Final Fantasy VII" active-time battle system may not be perfectly suited to that, but you can adjust the gameplay to account for that, setting the stage for JRPG perfection.

It's an exciting prospect for a console that continues to find its footing. The Switch is nearly two years old, and, unlike its predecessor, the Wii U, this Nintendo machine has developed a strong library of titles that everyone wants to play.

Nintendo made a wise decision by bringing a Zelda title out early, and this holiday season, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and two terrific Pokemon games carried the machine. Nintendo Labo has given the Switch a unique foothold among youngsters in schools, and a massive library of retro games has adults hooked too. Fortnite helps and Diablo insures plenty of playtime for the action RPG crowd.

It's a loaded library, and now it gets one more spectacular retro. If you don't have a Switch yet, this year is the time to consider buying one.

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