Studio Wondered Why Demi Moore Was in 'A Few Good Men' If There Was No Sex Scene

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Writer Aaron Sorkin obviously knew Demi Moore was good for more than just sex in a movie. He also knew women in general (surprise!) could be quite useful in sans-sex cinema.

A male studio executive working on 1992's "A Few Good Men," however, was not as clear on that concept.

Welcome to the early '90s, when Sorkin was adapting his play for the big-screen version that starred Moore and Tom Cruise.

"The whole idea of the movie was that these ... young lawyers were in way over their head and two Marines were on trial for their lives, so if Tom Cruise and Demi Moore take time out to roll in the hay, I just didn't think we would like them as much for doing that," the writer told the New York Daily News on Monday.

The exec, however, wanted that Moore-Cruise love scene "badly," and he didn't get why it wasn't in there. It wasn't the only thing he didn't understand.

"I'll never forget what the executive wrote back, which was, 'Well, if Tom and Demi aren't going to sleep together, why is Demi a woman?' and that completely stumped me," Sorkin said.

Sorkin held firm with no. And Moore clearly kept the role.

Two years later, the actress would star with Michael Douglas in "Disclosure," where she played a high-level boss who sued her happily married former lover (Douglas) for sexual harassment after he turned down her advances. Natch, she was the actual harasser.

Like we said -- early '90s. ___

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