Resolve to Get Financially Fit in 2011


With holiday credit card bills arriving at homes across the country, many American families are taking a closer look at their finances for 2011. Suze Orman is empowering women to make finances a family affair through her new online community, a site devoted to educating moms to make smarter money choices.

"Every day, moms ask me questions about money, so I've created this site as a safe place for women to learn how to make smart choices and save money," said Suze Orman, personal finance expert. "The goal is to give them the power to wipe away any uncertainties about family finances and replace them with the confidence that you get from knowledge and support."

MoneyMindedMoms community members have free access to valuable, easy-to-follow advice about topics such as erasing and managing debt, raising money-minded kids and saving money. Providing moms with sound advice is Suze's top priority and she takes the time to respond to questions from members and has even been known to post a video response in some cases. Plus, every month through May, one lucky member will win one-on-one time with Suze through the "Ask Suze" Sweepstakes. The site offers useful tools like a debt eliminator and expense tracker, a coupon savings center, as well as forums for sharing stories and insights with like-minded moms. Suze has also assembled a team of MoneyMindedMoms bloggers to share their experience and advice on money-related matters.

Knowing that moms are busier than ever, Suze believes that partnering with companies that share her vision and connect with moms is an important part of making a difference. "MoneyMindedMoms is about helping mom on her terms and this means reaching out to her in new ways. I want to partner with companies that moms know and trust so that together we can help women and their families save money and get trusted advice," said Orman.

The first company that Suze is partnering with through MoneyMindedMoms is General Mills. "We are fully on board with Suze's mission to help moms become more money-minded," said Mark Addicks, chief marketing officer, General Mills. "Helping moms nourish their families is our business."

To help get started with taking control of finances and getting back on track this year, Suze has also created a list of the 11 things moms can do to increase their financial savvy in 2011:

1. Stand in your truth

2. Make finances a family affair

3. Live below your means but within your needs

4. Hope for the best, but plan for the worst

5. Get rid of credit card debt

6. Save an 8-month emergency fund

7. Fund your 401(k) to the match

8. Fund your Roth IRA to the max

9. Start a 529 plan for your kids' college education

10. Be "happy you did" vs. "wishing you hadn't"

11. Never forget people first, then money, then things

To find out more details about how to accomplish these 11 goals, visit You can also connect with Suze and the MoneyMindedMoms community on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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