Help Your Children Adjust to Their New School

If you've recently PCS'd to a new community one of your biggest jobs this month is enrolling your children in their new school.

Contact the school as soon as possible to find out:

  • If they will accept photocopies of your child's school records or only "official" transcripts. If only transcripts, ask the school to contact your current school and request that the child's records be sent to them. And for future reference, always take photocopies of your child's records with you when you move.
  • What immunizations will the child need?
  • Will a physical examination be required?
  • What health records will you need to provide?

Also keep in mind that your child may face different courses or the same courses taught at a different level. To help our child adjust, you may want to set aside $200 to $300 to pay for a temporary tutor or other school-related expenses.

For information on supporting your child's education and easing the transition, visit Military K-12 Partners.

For more information on handling a PCS move, read Money and Mobility.

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