Finding a Home: What to Look For


There are steps to follow for finding a home. Finding a home is an exciting time. With a little preparation you can make it a rewarding experience. Following are steps that you can take when finding a home.

Determine which housing type best suits your needs When finding a home, it is important to understand the different housing types that are available to you. The basic choices are condominium, townhouse, and single family home. What suits you best depends on your lifestyle and life situation. If you are single or a young couple without the time or desire for much home maintenance, then a condominium may be your best choice. A townhouse may provide a bit more space and a little more privacy, since usually no one will be living above or below you. If you have a family or prefer a home with a yard, a single family home may be preferable.

Know what you can afford It helps to know how much house you can afford when finding a home. A very easy way to do this is through getting prequalified with a lender. By contacting a lender and providing some financial information, the lender can let you know how much of a mortgage loan for which you can qualify, which gives you a price range to begin your search. You can get prequalified for a mortgage through LendingTree.

Understand what is important to you Do you want to live close to work? Would you like to be within walking distance of schools? Is accessibility to public transportation important to you? When finding a home, you need to decide what you want to have in close proximity. Do you want to be near restaurants and shopping, or would you prefer a home with more solitude? Evaluate your personal preferences and your needs. Look for neighborhoods that meet those criteria.

A REALTOR® can be a great asset when finding a home. They help you in your search and represent you during the actual home purchase. By using a friend?s recommendation or a program such as LendingTree® Find A REALTOR®, you can partner with someone who can be a great resource in finding a home.

Find a good REALTOR®

Think of your future Be sure to keep in mind your future needs when finding a home. Perhaps you are a young couple that plans to have kids soon. The home that you seek should be large enough for that. Something as simple as an additional pet can be a factor in finding a home for you. Whether your family plans to grow larger or you are about to become empty nesters, the home that you find should suit you.

By taking time to prepare before your search, you can have a successful experience in finding a home.

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