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No Military Retirement Changes Anytime Soon


For what it’s worth, Defense Department officials are saying that the military retirement isn't going to change any time soon. This is likely in response to the outcry over a proposed plan to overhaul the current 20-year military retirement system offered by the Defense Business Board on July 21.

An Armed Forces Press Service report cites assurances made to servicemembers at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan in late July by Navy Adm. Mike Mullen and statements by Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta in early August.

Adm. Mullens told troops that there is “no immediate plan to affect retirement” and any changes to military retirement should be studied carefully and should be "grandfathered" so the military doesn't break faith with those in the service.

In a possible attempt to calm the reaction, Secretary Panetta said that the proposals to change military retirement are only being used to "inform the decisions and strategies."

Pentagon spokeswoman, Eileen Lainez, said, officials are reviewing the board's recommendations. "Any recommendation to change the military retirement system must be approached with thoughtful analysis, to include considerations of impacts to recruiting and retention," Lainez said. "While the military retirement system, as with all other compensation, is a fair subject of review for effectiveness and efficiency, no changes to the current retirement system have been approved, and no changes will be made without careful consideration for both the current force and the future force."

Let your elected officials and DoD know how you feel about the proposal to overhaul military retirement.

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