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It seems a large percentage of military retirees end up relocating more than once following their retirement from active duty service. It could be due  to jobs, cost-of-living, schools, climate, or just a PCS habit from their days in the service, but for some reason many retirees seem unhappy with their first choice.

I was once told that it is best to retire near your spouses original hometown, cause that is where most retirees end up anyway. Not very scientific, but it has worked so far for me.

However, late last year USAA partnered with to develop scientific ranking system that identifies the best places in the nation for military retirees to reside after leaving active service in the armed forces and beginning their second career as a civilian. The rankings make for an interesting read and serve as a resource to help military retirees, and those about to retire, identify which locations offer high quality of life while making the most of military retiree benefits. Check out the 10 Best Places for Military Retirement.

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