Device Lets Your Phone Record What You See Through Your Rifle Scope

PhoneSkope CEO Cheston Davis holds his company's new smartphone rifle attachment. Photo by Hope Hodge Seck/ | By Hope Hodge Seck

LAS VEGAS -- Here's yet another use for the ubiquitous smartphone: Make it a training tool or instant replay device by attaching it to a rifle scope.

At SHOT Show's industry day at the range Monday, company Phone Skope debuted a new specially engineered attachment that allows users to look through their rifle scopes while recording what they see on a smartphone at the same time.

The company, which makes smartphone optic adapters for activities ranging from birdwatching to microbiology, was long stymied by the challenge of making a rifle adapter, said Cheston Davis, CEO of the company.

Because of the necessity to maintain an eye relief of three to four inches from the scope, Davis said, placement of the smartphone attachment proved to be difficult.

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But the company's new "Skoped Vision" design works it out by having the smartphone face to the side and using a mirror to allow the camera to pick up what the user sees through the scope.

This also turns the phone into a handy device for shooting instruction.

"People standing by, watching me shooting, can see what I'm looking at, make sure I'm looking at the right target, or teach me how to shoot windage or [minute of angle]," Davis said. "It's got so many purposes; that's the crazy thing about it."

Davis said the device also has tactical and law enforcement applications, since it could allow real-time monitoring of exercises, drills and other training.

"You could even have a live feed streaming while you're clearing a building," he said.

Off-duty, of course, the device promises to punch up a user's social media game.

Users will need a model-specific smartphone case and a separate, universal adaptor, which can fit tight against any scope with an adjustable ratchet strap. That attachment will retail for about $150, Davis said.

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