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Superfeet Offers Ultra-thin Foot Support

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For those who don’t know, Superfeet has these insoles that are made from carbon fiber, so they are ultra-thin but still offer a great deal of support.

The Carbon insoles are made from the company's special plastic foam material that has been infused with carbon fiber. “We are able to achieve a lighter-weight, thinner product that is going to withstand a lot more pounding,” Brian Mastrofino, sales operations manager, said at Modern Day Marine 2014. “Lighter, faster, stronger.”

The heel cup and mid-foot stabilizer resemble other Superfeet models, but the cushioning at the front of the foot doesn’t look like much. It’s down-right flimsy at first glance.

“It’s designed for lower-volume footwear,” Mastrofino said. “Our products give support by supporting the rear foot. It keeps your foot in its natural shape we achieve our cushioning by keeping all of the soft tissue that Mother Nature gave you in the right spots.”

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Superfeet introduced the Carbon insoles last year, and so far, they have been very popular, he said.

“People love them,” Mastrofino said. “They really like the lightweight and the rigidity to them.”

Then there’s the price -- $50. Wow! I should mention that all Superfeet are made in the USA, Mastrofino said.

I asked him to tell me why they are so much better than the insoles you can get at CVS for a lot cheaper.

“You go to CVS and you buy that $19.95 product; they are going to last you two-to-three months,” he said. “They are made of gel for comfort, not for performance not for support.”

These will last you a year or a little longer with regular use, Mastrofino said.

All Superfeet products, he said, are backed by 45 years of podiatric medicine and bio-mechanical research.

“We are a company founded by podiatrists, so there is a lot of science in what we do,” Mastrofino said.

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