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SilencerCo's New Shotgun Suppressor



SilencerCo today unveiled its new suppressor designed for shotguns. The Salvo 12 provides a much needed option for shooting enthusiasts, officials from the Utah-based suppressor manufacture maintain.

“The Salvo 12 represents a revolution in silencers, not just an evolution,” said Joshua Waldron, Chief Executive Officer for SilencerCo, in a July 21 press release. “There is a huge installed base of shotgun hunters and shooters that has been waiting for a product like this for a long time, and we are proud to deliver it.”

The Salvo 12 is a modular design that allows the shooter to add or remove sections to balance length, weight and sound suppression needs. It arrives as a 12 inch suppressor, but can be reduced to 10, 8 and 6 inch configurations as needed.

At its full length of 12 inches, it brings sound down to 137 dB at the muzzle — well below the 140 dB hearing-safe level set by OSHA, SilcencerCo officials maintain.

The Salvo 12 weighs 32 ounces. The 10-inch version weighs 27.5. The Salvo 8 is 23 ounces and the Salvo 6 weighs 18.5 ounces.

It retails for $1,400.


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