Social Media Explained: What do YOU Use?


Here's a question for the Kit Up! readership. What, if any social media do you use? Do you see a difference between what might be appropriate for Kit Up! and what might not? If we were going to increase our social media presence, how would you like to see it done? For instance, they're working now to put a tab/blog thread in on the Facebook page. The disadvantage to that sort of feed is there's no way to interact. Some KU material is sent out via the Off Duty feed on Twitter, but again that has a wide variety of topics - which in fairness may not matter to you.

So: does it matter to you? If so, advantages and disadvantages. What are your preferred platforms? Do we use the "Off Duty" stuff that's there or do something more direct? Standing by for responses here, as is the social media guru.

Social media explained in simplest terms.

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