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Car insurance can be complicated. The good news is that you can get free quotes from multiple companies based on your specific needs, with many auto insurance companies offering discounts for active duty military, veterans, and members of the National Guard.

Be confident in knowing you are getting the best auto insurance coverage for your family with our easy-to-use quote comparison tool. You can even bundle your military  discount by combining insurance policies!

5 Ways for Military Personnel & Veterans to Save on Car Insurance

  • Active duty service members are eligible for some of the best car insurance discounts around - up to 15% or more. That could result in hundreds of dollars of savings for you each year.
  • If you are deployed, some companies will charge you up to 60% less for auto insurance while your vehicle is being stored.
  • Some companies offer a discount if your car is kept on a military base. There are packages and plans for overseas military auto insurance, too.
  • Veterans can also be eligible for discounts, and bundling your insurance can save you even more money.
  • In addition to military discounts, you can also save on auto insurance by having a good driving record, carpooling, being a non-smoker, using anti-theft devices, having low annual mileage and more.

Factors That Can Affect Your Car Insurance Rate