Task Force Study Hall: Troops Earn Degrees in Iraq

Command Sergeant Major (CSM) Johnny Dorsey is the senior enlisted leader in the 3rd Signal Brigade supporting III Corps and Fort Hood, Texas.  He believes his college degree augments his military leadership skills, and positions him as an example for soldiers in implementing time management skills on the battlefield, missions, and family life.  

CSM Dorsey and the 3rd Signal Brigade are honored as "Hood Heroes," because of their selection as the Education Unit of the Quarter based on his unit's implementation of "Task Force Study Hall."  CSM Dorsey challenged his soldiers to join him in the quest for education, offering them incentives for completing a set number of credit hours during the deployment in Iraq. 

Completing his BSBA without losing sight of the Army's mission, at least 702 soldiers met the challenge with six completing MBAs, 33 completing Bachelors, and 29 completing Associates degrees.  CSM Dorsey attributes his success to the encouragement he received throughout his education.  Consequently, he plans to encourage Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines on and off the battlefield to take the time to enhance their careers via education programs.  Since his return from Iraq, both he and his leadership team helps family members throughout 3rd Signal Brigade to enroll into various online education programs.

CSM Dorsey's motto is simple: "A solid education makes a good person achieve greatness regardless of one's position in life."

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