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AUSA Will Press On Even if Government Still Shut Down


The Association of the United States Army’s Annual Symposium will go ahead as planned despite furloughs, travel restrictions and financial burdens related to the ongoing government shutdown, AUSA officials told

“The Army will support our meeting in keeping with its traditions and Army objectives as stated in the Army Operations Order,” retired Gen. Gordon Sullivan, AUSA President, said in a written statement.

Army participation in this year’s Oct. 21 to 23 symposium was formally authorized by Army Secretary John McHugh.

“[The AUSA Annual Meeting] is one of the Army’s three key strategic communication and outreach platforms, and also serves as a professional development forum for the entire Army, including its civilians and family members,” McHugh said in a written statement on the AUSA website.

AUSA officials said plans have been made to increase “live-streaming” technology so that those who cannot travel to the symposium still have a chance to listen to the presentations in real time.

“This is a go. The Army will support the event from a professional development standpoint. They have ramped up their ability to live-stream,” said AUSA spokesman David Liddle. “There will be a twitter feed underneath a viewing window so you can submit questions. The moderators can take questions from twitter.”

The theme of this years’ symposium is titled “America’s Army – Globally Responsive, Regionally Engaged,” Liddle said.

Discussions of the Army’s force alignments, Pacific re-balance strategy and modernization efforts are expected to figure prominently.

AUSA expects approximately 30,000 to attend and is planning a special veteran’s hiring event as well as a small business pavilion, he added.

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