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Weekend wrap: Expeditionary links

Another week gone by in this most joyous of seasons, and we don't have many left in 2011. As for now, here were some of the stories we didn't get a chance to write about:

• HASC Chairman Rep. Buck McKeon has a plan for saving DoD from sequestration... sort of. As Kate Brannen writes in Defense News, McKeon proposes cutting back the federal workforce to help offset the reduction in DoD's spending growth

• Alleged Wiki-leaker Bradley Manning is on trial at Fort Meade, Md., but as the AP reports, the U.S. also hasn't taken its sights off the alleged Wiki-leakee, Julian Assange.

• John wrote over at Defense Tech that the Air Force is blaming "pilot error" for last year's crash of an F-22 up in Alaska.

• In The Hill, John Bennett quotes a report that POGO obtained as warning about the possibility for more delays and cost increases for the F-35.

• A group of House lawmakers has written to Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert to urge him not to decommission as many as nine Ticonderoga-class cruisers amidst the big crunch, writes CDR Salamander. That could take a big bite out of the surface force at the same time the Navy is planning to give up four Aegis ships for the Euro-ballistic missile shield, effectively leaving the fleet down 13 cruisers and/or destroyers.

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