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Weekend wrap: Expeditionary links


Thank you for following the Buzz special coverage of the Paris Air Show this week. A lot happened while we were gone, so here are a few links to some things we just didn't get a chance to cover:

• The House has again rebuked President Obama on the Libya intervention. This prompted Galrahn to make the following comment, via Twitter: "Remember this moment. It was the moment American politicians proved incapable of making strategic decisions necessary to govern a superpower."

• French President Nicolas Sarkozy has rejected Secretary Gates' views on NATO and the Libya operation. Although, according to reporters' accounts of his remarks, it doesn't sound like he addressed the main point of Gates' argument.

• The Navy discovered "aggressive" corrosion aboard its second littoral combat ship, the USS Independence, although the manufacturer blames the Navy -- and, indirectly, the ship's crew -- for the problem. The Navy's concept for LCS was that ships with small, highly trained crews couldn't do the same kind of maintenance and upkeep that normal warships can with their larger crews, and this may represent another example of blowback from that approach.

• You may have thought they were over, but nope, the Engine Wars are still being waged at a lower level in Washington.

• It's deja vu all over again: The Air Force will have a competition for another global strike weapon.

• If you like your novels graphic, you're in luck -- there's a new one coming out about the SEAL raid that eliminated Osama bin Laden.

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