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Pray For NG Tanker Or Else!


Only in America. We've got a story where the players are God, Northrop Grumman, Boeing and Velma Jackson, a Mobile, Ala. woman. Ms. Jackson went before the Mobile City Council and delivered what she said was the word of God: pray for Northrop every Wednesday to get the contract or face floods and, well, all sorts of bad stuff.

The wet members of the City Council failed to heed Ms. Jackson's words, hiding behind the oldest of bureaucratic excuses. They couldn't give her a permit. However, the city's mayor clearly possessed much greater wisdom: "I've been praying every Wednesday for a long time."

In light of God's apparent intervention on behalf of Northrop, perhaps other extraordinary events will take place. For example, completely spurious rumors are everywhere on Capitol Hill that Rep. Norm Dicks is already reconsidering his support for Boeing. It's too early to predict how extensive the political fallout might be.

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