Gold Eye Solar's Compact, Emergency Power Bank


Gold Eye Solar makes a compact, rechargeable battery that’s potent enough to jump-start your dead car battery.

“Goldeye Bar is an electronic device designed as a multi-functional power bank that jump-starts most engines, even small boats and diesel trucks, according to an article in Recoil Magazine.

“It is the ultimate energy solution providing up to 19 Volts of charging power to electric and electronic devices like to laptops, mobiles phones, digital cameras, e-book readers, and other appliances.”

The GoldEye Bar has a high capacity battery of 16,000 MAH. The battery becomes fully charged from an outlet or in a car after about 3-4 hours. It takes about 2 days under the sun to recharge.

It provides DC out volt 5V, 12V, 16V, 19V; which are compatible with the majority of electric/electronic devices. Designed to fit in your pocket or backpack, it weights at about 1.5 pounds.

Check out the full article at Recoil’s website.


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