Iran builds silent drone, or so it claims


Iran leaders have told the national media it has built a drone capable of flying silently with vertical-take-off-and-landing capabilities.

These reports follow earlier claims from the Iranian military that it flew drones from Lebanon over Israeli bases. The Israelis deny these reports, but the Iranians claim to have the intelligence to back it up.

This would not be the first time the Iranians have made unproven claims of their technical capabilities. It would also come at a time the Iranian leadership would like to flex some muscle in light of the Israeli posturing for a potential attack on their nuclear capabilities.

Expecting the international media to call Iran's bluff, military leaders said the drone will be displayed in February.

U.S. military officials, especially Air Force generals, have said for a couple years that they should start developing weapons capable of targeting drones. These weapons wouldn't differ much from the ones that shoot down manned planes, but they should be prepared to target the smaller drones prevalent outside the U.S.

No photos of the new drone have leaked out, yet. We here at Defense Tech will remain skeptical until we see at least some visual proof.

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