Libyan Rebels Inside Tripoli


So the Libyan rebels have finally made it into some neighborhoods of Gadhafi's stronghold, Libya's capitol city of Tripoli. This comes just after the rebels overran the base of the Khamis brigade, named after one of Col. Gadhafi's sons who commands them. The Khamis brigade is one of the best equipped in Gadhafi's army and rebels are now advancing into the neighborhoods of Tripoli equipped with some of the weapons found there. Meanwhile, NATO has turned a blind eye to rebel boat traffic as the anti-Gadhafi forces from the city of Misurata have apparently begun an amphibious assault Tripoli. In fact, the rebels are advancing so quickly that NATO officials are having difficulty keeping up with events as they unfold.

So readers, how many days does Gadhafi have left in "power'?

Here's more from the NYT.

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