What Those Chinese Phishing Emails Look Like

Speaking of Cyber war, below you'll see a screen grab showing what's apparently the text of one of the phony phishing emails sent to senior U.S. government officials' Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo mail accounts by hackers in China. The message was custom crafted to look legit enough to trick a State Department official into opening and downloading the attachment. Once that was done, the hackers would extract the officials login info and then have access to their private email account.

As an Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal points out, the language used in the email is closely designed to mimic the tone used in millions of emails by U.S. bureaucrats and other professionals. It doesn't sound like one of those African money transfer scheme emails we all get and laugh off. While China denies any official involvement in the attack, this hardly seems like the work of amateur hackers. These custom tailored attacks were targeted at specific individuals -- possibly even a Presidential cabinet member -- who had knowledge of U.S. government policy.

Screenshots via Contagio, click here for more.

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