Zachary Adkins' Gun

OK, so I see there's some doubt about my weapons ID skills (Byron....)...Zachary's-gun.jpg

We also ran a story on this weapon about a year ago.

Allons! so they say...;-)

And oh, yeah, stay tuned to tomorrow for a story I've got posting on the Army's subcompact weapon search. Here's a teaser:

Despite initial industry suspicion that the Army would let the effort die a slow death, the service is moving forward with the development of a compact weapon that shoots like a rifle but slings like a sub gun.

According to the Army official in charge of fielding new weapons for the service, the search for a so-called "subcompact individual weapon system" is moving ahead in earnest. In May, the Army sponsored a user evaluation where Soldiers put subcompact weapons through their paces to see if the idea would stick.

And at least for the brass running the show, it did.

"I'm excited about the subcompact," said Col. Doug Tamilio, the Army program manager for Soldier weapons, during an Oct. 15 interview with "There are a lot of Soldiers today who do not need to carry either a carbine or an M-16, but yet a pistol may just not be enough."

-- Christian

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