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I want to introduce to our readers a friend I've picked up along the way on my winding trip through the blogosphere.

Dave Reader edits the awesome site BreachBangClear with a humor and whit unmatched in subject matter populated with more hooah knuckle-draggers than literary enthusiasts. I flirted for a while with a cross-post relationship with him, but I found that his style and sense of humor creates an atmosphere all his own and would be diluted by my stodgy format.

So, we're going to do what we can here to bring Dave's stuff to your attention -- particularly those of you on the pointy end. Periodically we'll feature a sort of "teaser" highlighting Dave -- and his Liliputian plastic counterparts' -- posts and reviews.

Hope you all enjoy, and we'll weigh in when the mood strikes us...

Tactical pundits Richard Kilgore and Jake Call are continuing their work to improve the lot of folks on the sharp end. Their most recent blog post is interesting, if not as long and caustic as some of their other diatribes, particularly if you're in a job that takes you into the field. Whether working a crash in the pouring rain, doing the warrant recce on a dope house with a sodden lawn or wading irrigation ditches in Afghanistan, there's always the risk of having to stomp around in wet boots on your next patrol or mission. Richard and Jake are aware of how bad this sucks, so they've posted another helpful tip on their blog at Breach-Bang-Clear -- go check it out.

-- Christian

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