MilBlog conference begins

The 4th annual MilBlog conference kicked off April 24 with a bunch of bang-bang last night as Bouhammer introduced the first "world premier" of the docu-film "At War." For many of the 150 bloggers and bloggerfans in attendance at the Westin Arlington Gateway hotel just outside DC it was a bit of a time warp -- remembrances of deployments or embeds past -- and for others it was a vivid, violent, frustrating, heartwarming window into the world of the troops these bloggers write and care about.

As TSO from This Ain't Hell said: "I thought I was having flash backs..."

Here's a tidbit of the well-done movie shot and directed by Scott Kesterson, a former building contractor who at 41 decided it was time to be a war correspondent/blogger, which will have a limited release across the United States.

-- Christian

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