Episode 1 -- The Weekly Buzz



I've decided to branch out into the multi-media jungle a bit here and for the first time bring to Defense Tech readers a weekly "radio" program we're going to call The Weekly Buzz.

In it, we'll examine the stories of the week with Military.com editors and reporters, and in the future we hope to expand the show into an online interactive talk show that will allow you the reader to ask our experts questions and be part of the interview.

I did this because several of you liked the live blog we did with Winslow Wheeler but were left wanting for the format's lack of depth and context. Well, I'm trying to alleviate that with the new program (more could be added) and as I get more comfortable with the format, I'll open the floor up to those of you who are far more expert than me.

So, excuse the blemishes of the first attempt here, but I hope you enjoy the show.

-- Christian

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