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We have a very special online interview coming up tomorrow (Jan. 27) here on Defense Tech.

One of the most knowledgable civilians in America on Pentagon budgets and defense spending will be our guest at 1500 EST for an hour-long interview on the current DoD budget, spending priorities and Gates' testimony on Captiol Hill earlier in the day.

Winslow Wheeler, the director of the Center for Defense Information's Strauss Military Reform Project has been involved in military budgeting for more than three decades as a senior budget staffer on Capitol Hill and preeminant critic of the Pentagon's status quo. He's also been a longtime friend of mine and a valuable guide throughout my career in navigating the often trecherous waters of the Pentagon hall of mirrors.

So be sure to browse over to Defense Tech tomorrow (Jan. 27) at 1500 EST for our live, online interview with Winslow Wheeler and come armed with good questions on the day's events.

-- Christian

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