I'm Buzzin'...Are You?



I know you all must have been wondering "who is this Colin Clark guy and what's he doing here?"

"Catch the Buzz?" what the heck does that mean. And on and on...

Well, folks, the day has come. Colin is a crack defense business reporter and editor who's been hired on by our parent site Military.com to lead a new online publication we've dubbed "DoD Buzz." The goal of the online defense and acquisition journal is to provide timely, need-to-know business intelligence for defense industry decision makers and experts. Colin's going to be tracking the defense industry, weapons contracts and the shifting sands of procurement policy to a degree seen only in the pricey "Insides" and "Defense News" broadsheet landscape.

But what Colin can bring to the space that the others can't is an editorial independence and enthusiasm lost with print pubs. You've already probably noticed the wry wit he brings to the copy he's posted on Defense Tech and Military.com. Well, now we're unleashing him on DoD Buzz to take it to the next level.

Since many of you are industry players and need the kind of intel Colin can bring to the table to help make better decisions in your world, I hope you'll make DoD Buzz a daily stop alongside Defense Tech. So put it in your favorites and "catch the buzz" of breaking news, cutting edge coverage and a good-hearted chuckle at this crazy world we call Pentagon procurement with Colin Clark and the kick-butt new site, "DoD Buzz."

-- Christian

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