"We Will Bury You" South American Style


As if on cue, my boy Chavez comes through again!

From today's Pravda:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez harshly criticized the US administration again after the unauthorized passing of the USS George Washington along the coast of the Latin American country. Chavez promised to bury the USA in the 21st century.

When Americans appear near our shores with their navy, the George Washington aircraft carrier, one should not forget that it happens at the time when we together with Brazil are creating the Defense Council of South America, Chavez said in a speech that was broadcast by all TV and radio channels of Venezuela.

In this century we will bury the old empire of the USA and will live with the American nation like with a brotherly nation, because over 40 million of its citizens live below the poverty line, the Venezuelan leader said.

I'm beginning to get a kick out of that guy...

(Gouge: NC)

-- Christian

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