San Fran Again


Marines-Corps Seal Plaque M.jpgFirst USS Iowa. Then high school ROTC. Then the Blue Angels. Now the US Marine Corp. How much more dis'in can the US Military take from the city and 'burbs by the bay?A new advertising campaign by the Marine Corp has a their Silent Drill Team (an absolutely amazing display of precision and discipline) being filmed at various places around the US. You can see the products here.When they wanted to film, on September 11 no less, on California Street in downtown San Francisco, the group was denied a permit to film. While initial inquiries by the press to Stefanie Coyote, the executive director of the San Francisco Film Commission, received the "unavailable to comment" response, Coyote later said to KGO-TV that "traffic control was the issue.""Traffic control".So what did the Marines do? They went to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area for the final segment of its "America's Marines" TV commercial then proceeded to New York City and filmed at Times Square where, apparently, traffic is less of an issue that in San Fran.Yet another slap in the face of the US Military by a shrill anti-military area or a prudent exercising of civil traffic control by sage city elders?You decide.--Pinch Paisley

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