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After nearly two years of effort, and constant revisions based on feedback from military and law enforcement users, an inventor based in Florida has devised a new rail system that can be retrofitted to the M9 Beretta standard milspec pistol.

The rail system, developed by David Woroner of Survival Consultants Intl., allows the user to fit a wide array of sighting systems, laser pointers, pepper spray adaptors and other components to the military (and police) issued sidearm. Dave has helped me on a variety of stories over the years dealing with weapons development, body armor technology and private security contractor issues and Im happy to see that his Wor4 TacRail is getting good feedback from users and from the Armys Picatinny Arsenal.

From Survival Consultants

This is the only product that is specifically designed for the Beretta "type" pistol (M9-92FS), though it will fit many other Beretta licensed out designs, such as the Taurus series of pistols of similar specifications (as well as a multitude of S. African to S. American pistol licensees

What our research revealed is that, overwhelmingly, shooters wanted the ability to add lower railed devices such as lights, lasers, etc. and the possibility of adding an "optical sighting system" on the top rail. In the design of the TacRail, SCI recognized that any "device" (like an optic system) can fail. So SCI introduced a slot into the design so that the iron sights are still completely active and useable. The other specification requested was to make the design so that "the slide can be removed, for field cleaning, without removing the TacRail."

Im including this post to see what feedback our DT readers have on this component system. One of the things I like most about Daves TacRail is the strike face on the special operations version of the Wor4. Its a pointed knob just under the barrel that can be used to say that special hello to a resistant bad guy.

I wish him luck and am curious to see what yall have to say about it.

-- Christian

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