Ad: Discovery Channel's FutureWeapons and the Secret World of Military Weaponry


ADVERTISEMENT, sponsored by Discovery ChannelDiscovery Channel gives viewers unprecedented access to the latest military weapons in the second season of FUTUREWEAPONS, including several that are exclusive to Discovery Channel cameras. Host and ex-Navy SEAL, Richard Mack Machowicz, goes to manufacturing sites around the world to test weapons, detail the science behind the hardware and explain how it gives soldiers strategic advantages during combat. FUTUREWEAPONS premieres Monday, January 15, 2007, at 9 PM (ET/PT).Some of the exclusive weapons featured in the series include two that are currently being used by soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Boot Banger neutralizes car bombs and improvised explosive devices (IEDs), and the Gatecrasher breaches walls so that troops can shoot or climb through. Throughout the second season, more than 15 featured weapons will be exclusive to Discovery Channel, in addition to a look at more than 15 different weapons that are currently being used by soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.FUTUREWEAPONS gives viewers a unique perspective on wartime strategy that no one else is offering, said Jane Root, EVP and GM of Discovery Channel, The Science Channel, Military Channel and Discovery Times Channel. We are pulling back the curtain on 21st century weapons to bring viewers to the cutting edge of technology.Viewers looking for more information about Mack and the hardware featured in the series can go to for an exclusive interactive weapons gallery, games, behind the scenes footage and a video diary where Mack discusses his favorite weapons, his experience as a Navy SEAL and his history.In addition to a robust website with exclusive content and in-depth information, Discovery Channels sister network, The Military Channel, will air WEAPONOLOGY at 10 PM (ET/PT) on Mondays immediately following FUTUREWEAPONS. In this new series viewers learn about the history to develop better, faster and stronger weapons. The line of fire from basic weapon to modern super weapon is far from straight, and WEAPONOLOGY brings together the great leaps that designers have made in military technology over the last century. During the FUTUREWEAPONS broadcast, viewers will be prompted to The Military Channel for WEAPONOLOGY with in-program promos.

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