DC Drink Debrief

When Jeffrey Lewis and I suggested the other day that some folks should meet us in a bar in DC, I figured maybe 10 geeks, wonks, and bloggers would show. 15, tops.So you can imagine how psyched I was, at 8 o'clock or so, when our little nerd soiree have become a full-fledged throwdown. I'd say there were at least 50 people jammed into the Big Hunt's attic. Among the whiskey-inhalers were hitters from DHS, State, the Hill, the Pentagon, and some, uh, "other government agencies." Bloggeratti like Matt Stoller (thanks for the shoes!), Swift Cat, Buckethead, and Spencer Ackerman made their presences felt. And pretty much the entire Defense Tech crew was in effect: Imaginary Sharon, Axe, Spooky Shane, Ryan 27B, AC Wonk, High Tech Haninah, T-Hitch, Pogo Nick... I'm sure I'm missing more than a few.The last thing I remember was Greg Grant and one of my old college buddies punching me in the chest. Repeatedly. I can't wait to get hit again.

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