Introducing the F-35 'Lightning II'


jsflogo.jpgThe F-35 Joint Strike Fighter now has a name:

The Air Force chief of staff announced Lightning II as the F-35 name during a Joint Strike Fighter Inauguration Ceremony today at the Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. at Fort Worth, Texas.Gen. T. Michael Moseley made the final decision after an extensive nomination and review process, coordinated with the other services and partner nations.In naming the F-35, General Moseley said, "Today, the enemies of peace and freedom have been put on notice. They have feared this day because the F-35 provides the coalition warfighter the perfect blend of speed, precision and stealth.
The name 'Lightning' was considered for the F-22 before 'Raptor' was finally chosen. Other F-35 names receiving support were 'Lynx', 'Phoenix', and, um, 'Black Mamba'. The first flight is planned for later this year. More info on the F-35 unveiling here on MurdocUPDATE 07/08/06 9:42 AM: Told ya so! Told ya so! Defense News (and, by extension, this site) had the new name all the way back on Monday.Anyway, the Washington Post and DID both have more on the ol' L-deuce.
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