Rapid Fire 05/29/06 (UPDATED)


* Drone video = Haditha key?* Air-charter's rocket stockpile* Darpa goal: bionic arm by '09* Fewer secrets in '05* Nanotech means smaller ships?* Lasers enrich uranium?* Kiwi crystals of death* Ft. Hood turns out the lights* Wings could let paratroopers fly 200 km* Owen West: Get over 2003, already* Michel: Haditha "shows the warning signs of infamy... [But] we will not be party to generalizations and nave oversimplifications about... conduct in battle."* Pantano: don't rush to judge Haditha
(Big ups: CC, RC, DS, Winds, AT)UPDATE 4:19 PM: Haninah is calling BS on the laser enrichment story.
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