Stealth Ship Chief Speaks


On Thursday, we took a look at the Stiletto, a wild new stealth ship that the Defense Department has built to sneak special forces onto shore.stiletto3a.jpgOn Sunday night, Stiletto program manager Greg Glaros paid us a visit, answering some reader comments and questions about the ship.Thanks for your comments - Stiletto was constructed in 15 months starting Oct 04. She is made completely out of carbon fiber. Her purpose is to insert emerging technology at little cost [...] and to provide a venue for operational experimentation. It is not perfect, nor is she designed to solve everyone's needs (no she does not submerge - we left that to the billion $ club). What she is designed to do is expand our technical competence against an elusive adversary and learn operationally in a very short period of time.With regards to its survivability or operational relevancy we will all learn by her mere existence. [One reader said the ship might be "easy to kill."] Easy to kill We seem to easily lose sight that most military systems are all easy to destroy by a willing enemy. Our objectives should be focused on matching our adversaries at scale with an ability to cope and adapt surely the Stark, Cole, M-1 Abrams, and Hummers have taught us how easy it is to kill systems designed to survive everything our engineering imagined unfortunately what our engineer imagine often do not align with what our enemy intendsDuring the last two weeks Stiletto out performed our expectations with advanced speeds in calm waters and not so calm...and out performing in other areas in a time frame and within a cost that seems to be out of the reach of our requirements procss and acquisition system.Time to operational market matters...

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