By now, most of you have probably heard the news that Google has added satellite pictures to their maps. And that those eyes in the sky have taken some pretty amazing pictures -- an erupting volcano, a Baghdad firefight, a Russian sub trapped in ice.gmaps_desert.jpgDefense Tech reader DS was rifling through Google's satellite database the other day, and found what he says is "an unknown facility" near the infamous Groom Lake military complex -- the place called "Area 51" by tin-foil hatters worldwide.DS' discovery, at latitude 37.399263 and longitude -116.223850is an isolated airstrip with a road connecting it to what appears to be an underground facility of some sort. I pulled up the USGS [U.S. Geological Survey] sketches on the area, and it shows no identifying information, however it does reveal what appears to be a tunnel system connecting the various buildings in the underground complex... If you or someone in your circle can shed some light on what this is, it would be interesting I'm sure. THERE'S MORE: Here's a guy who claims to have Googled his way into pictures of Area 51 itself (via Blogs of War).

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