ST_28_security3_f.jpgBeing Big Brother can be such a drag, staring at walls of black-and-white security monitors all day. It's a one-way trip to napville. And it doesn't exactly make for tight security, either. One person can only watch six to eight surveillance screens for about twenty minutes before everything goes blurry, according to the watcher's rule of thumb.An Atlanta start-up, Vistascape, has been livening things up for monitor jockeys, with a bowl full of eye candy, to keep them engaged in what they're doing. Screen banks are replaced with a single, 3D-view of a facility that lets a security officer "fly" around the area from his desktop, and focus on a single intruder. The U.S. Navy, the port of Corpus Christi, and several private energy companies are all using the system. About 20 other installations including Boston's Logan Airport -- are scheduled to get in on the fun soon. My article in this month's Wired magazine has an example of how it works.THERE'S MORE: Patrick Di Justo has a hot article in today's Times on the dangers of unsecured webcams. Teenagers in panties are mentioned.

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