This is new. And it could be a very, very bad sign of things to come.

Hezbollah succeeded yesterday morning in sending a drone, apparently equipped with a camera, into Israel's airspace, over the city of Nahariya in the western Galilee. The Israel Defense Forces identified the drone too late and was not able to shoot it down...Two weeks ago Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah intimated that his organization was developing a response to Israel's incursions into Lebanese airspace. Hezbollah has been counting the number of times that it says Lebanese sovereignty has been violated since Israel's pullout from Lebanon in May 2000.However, yesterday's incident seems to have been aimed at public relations - embarrassing Israel and creating a "strategic equation" between Israel's overflights and Hezbollah's response.The next stage may be an attempt to use the drones for reconnaissance, and possibly even for terror attacks using explosives. (via War & Piece)
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