dog_growl.JPGFollowing up on a Defense Tech item from a couple of weeks back, the Associated Press takes a look at military dogs in Iraq getting bulletproof vests.

The U.S. Army has some 30 dogs in Iraq, guarding bases and checking cars for explosives. [Army kennel master Staff Sgt. Jarrod] Zaleski says the dogs have uncovered car bombs and have such sensitive noses that one was able to smell an ammunition clip in a woman's pocketbook.With violence escalating, the Army shipped vests for all of its dogs to Iraq about two weeks ago. War dogs in Afghanistan already have the vests. Soldiers have worn vests since the start of the invasion of Iraq in March 2003.Zaleski said no dogs have been killed in Iraq although several have suffered injuries to their paws while walking through debris or shattered glass.On some missions the dogs are now equipped with padded boots to protect their paws from getting cut up."Someone just needs to come up with a helmet for dogs and we'd be good," quipped Zaleski.
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