Now that former Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory security director William Cleveland, Jr. has been linked to suspected Chinese double-agent Katrina Leung, a lot of his actions that once looked like ordinary bureaucratic cover-your-ass moves are starting to smell suspicious.For example, Mark Danielson, a former Livermore SWAT team member, found an employee trying to bring a camera, and tape recorder, and a laptop with classified information into the facility in 1998. That's strictly against lab rules. But Danielson was ordered to give the goods back, and let the person -- a Chinese national -- go.When he complained about the incident to the Department of Energy -- the agency ultimately responsible for Livermore -- officials there said they had never heard of it. There was no record of the interaction at all.But Danielson had filled out such a form himself, and held on to a copy (I've just had a .pdf version e-mailed to me).Who could have made such a document disappear? And why would anyone do such a thing? Well, William Cleveland, Jr. was in charge of such investigations at the time.

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